Market Research for the Product Marketer

March 02, 2020

Most product marketers understand how important market research is in deveoping strategies and tactics for their target market. But it isn't always clear what the best ways are for obtaining market research, especially for new and small organizations.. 

On Tuesday, March 17 at 1PM ET, we were joined by Joy Levin, president of Allium Research and Analytics about market research. Joy broke down the process for gathering data into concrete steps, and guided the tools you can leverage—at no or low cost to your organization—to deliver critical insights that will help you meet the needs of current and potential customers.

In this webinar, Some of the topics we covered:

  • Best practices for focusing your market research insights for the biggest payoff
  • Tools you can use to gain actionable insights
  • Skill you need to implement these insights for your strategic direction.

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