Market Definition: Best Practices for Uncovering Market Problems

By Michael Mace February 25, 2020

When building a strategy, how do you define the market you want to serve?

Is that market desirable? Viable? Feasible?

Today’s most innovative companies start with the customer and a deep understanding of their underlying needs to define the market, then use testing and feedback to validate strategies at every stage.

On Tuesday, February 25, at 1PM ET,  we were joined by Michael Mace from UserTesting to talk about the best practices for uncovering market problems with the right market definition. When you’re developing products and strategies, you should be constantly refining your understanding of these key questions:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What’s their problem?
  • What’s the best solution I can build for them?
  • What value propositions will resonate the most?

In this free webinar, Michael covered:

  • How to use human insights to help define a market
  • Practical ways to test and validate ideas at every stage
  • Best practices for sharing what you learn and getting alignment
  • Tactics to streamline the entire process

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Michael Mace

About the Presenters

Michael Mace is the VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting and a veteran of over 25 years in the tech industry. He's held marketing and strategy roles at Apple and Palm, co-founded two startups, and has consulted for many tech industry companies.

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