Is That New Market Segment Right for You?

By Mike Smart, John Milburn March 24, 2016

It sounds easy enough: let’s sell our existing product to a new market segment. I mean, Segment A loves us, why wouldn’t Segment B? We’ll increase our revenue and won’t need any new development work.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. And the path to finding and exploring new market segments is paved with pitfalls and distractions.

In this webinar, John Milburn, Pragmatic Institute instructor, and Mike Smart, founder of Egress Solutions, will take you through the process of identifying and defining potential market segments. In this action packed hour, filled with real-life examples and best practices, John and Mike will cover how to:
  • Define markets and identify the segments within them 
  • Use data to realistically size various markets and measure risk/reward
  • Identify the most profitable segments while avoiding “red herrings”
  • Protect your existing revenue and installed base while expanding to new markets

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Mike Smart

About the Presenters

Mike Smart brings more than 25 years of hi-tech industry experience in a variety of leadership roles to the business. He has successfully consulted with technology companies such as NetApp, VMware, Autodesk, BigMachines, MRI Software, P2 Energy Solutions, MicroEdge, and SirsiDynix. Prior to founding Egress Solutions Inc., he served in leadership and executive roles at Pragmatic Institute, Nsite (now SAP), Go-Remote (now iPass), and Tandem Computers (now HP). He can be reached at

John Milburn

About the Presenters

John Milburn is CEO of Practical Growth Strategies, LLC where he and his team help companies to apply and implement market-driven principles. Prior to this, he was an instructor at Pragmatic Institute and has held executive and individual contributor roles in development, sales, and product management from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Email John at, or visit his website at

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