How To Rapidly Reduce Your Risk of Product Failure

By Peter Hughes September 17, 2015

What would a 5 percent improvement in your website’s conversion rates (sign-ups, sales, repeat orders, etc.) make to your bottom line? If you’re not conducting usability testing then you’re probably leaving at least this amount on the table.

In this month’s Pragmatic Institute webinar, Ascest founder and lead consultant Peter Hughes explains why soliciting blunt appraisals from target customers is a cost-effective way to increase your profits. You’ll also learn:

  • Four usability testing techniques that you can use immediately
  • How to identify and run the right type of test at the right time
  • Case studies that illustrate ways usability testing can improve your product


Peter Hughes

About the Presenters

Peter Hughes has spent more than 20 years conducting usability tests for industry-leading corporations and organizations such as JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, T. Rowe Price, Boeing, Honeywell, Hearst Media, Scholastic, the College Board, Nintendo and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He is founder and lead consultant at Ascest, where he coaches organizations on how to bring the usability testing skills they need in-house and squeeze the most out of those tests. If you have questions about the UX process, email Peter at

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