How to Keep Customers Happy by Optimizing for Value

By David Rowley November 09, 2017

Acquiring a new customer typically costs five to seven times more than it does to retain a current one. Yet despite that cost, too few companies prioritize customer retention, which can dramatically limit their growth and profitability. 

Discover how to keep your current customers happy and maintain their loyalty.

David Rowley, chief revenue officer at Nalpeiron, will discuss:

• How to start the relationship on the right foot

• The main reasons customers leave you

• How to match perceived value with pricing

• Creating predictable (and growing) revenue streams from happy customers through licensing models


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David Rowley

About the Presenters

David Rowley

Bay area software & tech veteran with a passion for innovative business models and building new businesses. Deep knowledge of SaaS, software licensing, IoT, embedded devices, pricing and entitlement management. Let us help you price, package and sell your offerings in all the ways your customers want to buy.

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