How to Give Demos That Win New Business

By James Geoffrey July 08, 2015

A great product demo moves a sales opportunity forward and can even close the deal. Unfortunately, most product demos are so inept that they actually drive customers away.
In this webinar, author/blogger/pundit Geoffrey James—who has observed (and personally given) hundreds of product demos—explored real-life examples to explain:

    • Why product demos aren't really about the product
    • How to structure a demo to keep customers engaged
    • The three huge mistakes that can ruin any product demo
    • How to make your demo more memorable
    • Where to add technical depth (and where to keep it light)
    • How to use a demo to develop and close the sale

Hear Geoffrey and get tools and techniques necessary to transform your product demos into the revenue-generating gems that you know they can be.


James Geoffrey

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