How to Capture Innovation from Existing Intelligence

By Steve Rivkin, Stacey Weber July 23, 2014

New ideas propel our business and professional lives. You might be in a task force for a new service. Or you could have an organizational roadblock or a staffing dilemma. The common thread is the desire for fresh thinking and new ideas—the fuel for tomorrow's success. But Thomas Edison maintained that the simplest way to solve a problem is to borrow and then adapt an existing idea. This webinar will show you how to find an idea that's worked for someone else—and then do something to that idea to make it your own.

Like Intel, you could bring back (and improve) elements in your microprocessor branding.

Like Häagen-Dazs, you could borrow an idea from another part of the world.

Like Colgate or Merrill Lynch, you could combine ingredients.

Like Pizza Hut and AMC Entertainment, you could magnify or minimize.

Join Steve Rivkin, founder of Rivkin & Associates LLC, for this lively discussion as attendees will see dozens of real-world examples and will come away with a blueprint for more effective problem solving and brainstorming.


Steve Rivkin

About the Presenters

Steve Rivkin is a marketing and communications consultant, author and speaker. He founded Rivkin & Associates LLC, a firm that creates new names for companies and brands. Prior to that, he spent 14 years working with Jack Trout and Al Ries at Trout & Ries Inc., a marketing strategy firm known for its work in positioning. Follow Steve’s monthly blog on naming at or reach out to him at

Stacey Weber

About the Presenters

Stacey Weber is an author, speaker, and instructor for Pragmatic Institute, Inc. She has eight years previous experience using the Pragmatic Institute Framework to increase market focus and dramatically increase revenue in software companies. She now helps other companies reap those benefits through her role at Pragmatic Institute.

Stacey is particularly interested in the dynamics of market-led organizations and the interactions between Product management and development. Contact Stacey at

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