How Betas Can Give Your Product a Competitive Edge That Sets You Apart

By Emily Hossellman September 22, 2016

When you gather customer feedback about your product during the beta phase, you improve your product validation, your customer experience and your competitive edge. An added bonus? If you conduct side-by-side testing of your product and those of your competitors, you can you identify new marketing angles and sales strategies before your product is out the door.

In this webinar we’ll explore how soliciting customer feedback during your product’s beta phase can mean the difference between a stellar launch and a flop. You’ll learn:

• Why customer validation can make or break your product
• The keys to running a successful beta test
• How to run competitive tests of other products in your market
• How to analyze that feedback to find your competitive edge

Hear from Emily Hossellman, director of marketing at Centercode, and gain a competitive edge with your betas.

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Emily Hossellman

About the Presenters

Emily Hossellman is the director of marketing at Centercode, a beta test management company that has helped hundreds of companies build and release better tech products. Since joining Centercode in 2012, the company has tripled in size and become the thought leader in beta testing. Emily educates companies about integrating the voice of their customers into their product development process. She is passionate about how companies can use beta testing to achieve true customer validation and release flawless products in an increasingly complex technological world. Contact Emily at

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