Pack a Punch with Powerful Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are frequently constructed as snapshots that offer one-time, one-dimensional views of your buyer. But what if you could capture the dynamic nature of the buyer journey to create richer, more meaningful personas?

Viewing the recording of our recent webinar, you will learn about the evolution of buyer personas throughout the buyer life cycle and how that ties in to your organization’s strategy.

Alan Armstrong, founder and CEO of Eigenworks, covers how the buyer journey is a mirror image of the land-adopt-expand-renew path that your organization strives to take with buyers.

He also discusses how:

• Implementing a buyer-as-hero lens will help you see the questions and needs of your buyers at each stage, and how personas will need to change accordingly
• Buyer personas can help identify your most significant opportunities and threats, and how to rank each one to develop a strategy that will reduce churn
• Buyer personas can help reflect the most critical phase of the buyer journey

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