Lessons from 9/11: Shifting Your Marketing Tactics in Times of Crisis

In the aftermath of 9/11, most major conferences and events were cancelled for months. B2B marketers who had been relying on these opportunities to create face-to-face engagements with current customers and future prospects found themselves suddenly scrambling to shift their tactics to maintain their marketing momentum. But not every company survived that shift.

The two most important lessons we learned as B2B marketers in a post-9/11 world were:

1. You can’t wait for things to go back to normal. You need to act now to keep connected with customers and prospects.
2. Things will get better, but they will never “go back to normal.” A new normal is coming, business behaviors will change, and we must be prepared to anticipate what those changes will be, and begin to shift our marketing to align with the “new normal.”

In this webinar, Rod Griffith, chief client officer at MarketReach, discussed the critical lessons learned from 9/11, and how they can be applied to help marketers make the necessary shifts needed to navigate times of crises and their aftermath. Rod also discussed some of the marketing tactics and tools you can implement now to keep your marketing momentum and stay connected and engaged with your customers and prospects.

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