Crafting Profitable Marketing Content from Your Customer’s Perspective


Product professionals are often tasked with building and selling things that—in many cases—they’ll never use themselves. While the Pragmatic Framework helps us identify the market-driven processes and ingredients we’ll need to launch a product that solves a specific market problem, we need a way to connect with our products to our buyers. How do we develop creative that compels prospects to take action?


On Tuesday, February 9 , at 1:30 p.m. ET  we were joined by Greg Bond and Erik Wolf from Colorado-based marketing agency estound. In this great discussion , they shared how to take the tools and insights product marketing managers have at their fingertips and translate them into powerful marketing messages that resonate with the market. In this insightful conversation, they covered how to:

Mine your NIHITO calls for messaging gold
Find the insights you’ve been missing from your SEO reports
Put yourself in your customers’ shoes with the right tips and exercises
Document and distribute the messages with the most potential


You can check out their diagnostic tool here. And don’t forget to download all the worksheets they went over as well.


Watch the webinar here:


Looking for more great resources on creating great marketing content? Check out these for more great insights:


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