Constant Communication in a Rapidly-Changing Market

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Take a look at your market. Is it exactly the same as it was a year ago? A month ago? A week ago? Yesterday? 

Today’s world is changing at the speed of light, and it can be hard for product marketers and product managers to stay on top of those rapid market developments, let alone effectively communicate everything to their organizations. 

Join us Tuesday, May 26, at 1 PM ET, as Ellie Mirman, CMO of Crayon, discusses the best ways to keep up with rapid market changes, and to ensure your marketing is working effectively in each market. Ellie will also share her thoughts on how to proactively communicate important developments across an organization, enabling every team to keep up and adjust as needed. 

In this webinar, Ellie will discuss how to:

  • Keep your executive team up-to-speed on major shifts in the market

  • Maintain effective differentiated marketing messaging

  • Enable your sales team to win deals when budget is scarce

  • Adjust roadmap prioritizes as needed tiven external market developments


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