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Pricing Experts

Pop-Up Expert Pricing Panel

Join our panel of pricing experts for a pop-up conversation! These product pricing leaders will be with us to offer insights into the latest pricing trends, strategies, and best practices that drive business growth. We’ll...
Pragmatic Institute Webinar with David Tang

How AI and Data Insights Can Help You Build Stronger Personas

Join us for our product chat as we welcome product leader David Tang, formerly of Dropbox, for a conversation on how to leverage the power of AI and segmentation to help you create accurate personas...
Pragmatic Institute Webinar with the senior product marketing manager at Hubspot, Alex Rainford

Strategic Marketing Plans and Tactics That Drive Growth

Join us as we welcome the senior product marketing manager at Hubspot, Alex Rainford for a conversation on how to dive into the core strategies that drive growth by effectively aligning marketing plans to the...
Age of AI webinar with Chip Boyd and Rachel Hsiung of Etsy

Why Staying Human-Focused Is Essential in the Age of AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-powered products, it’s easy to become enamored with technological advancements and opportunities while losing sight of the most critical aspect – the human element. Join us as we welcome...
Data Chats webinar as Dr. Christopher Stephens

Hybrid Intelligence: When Artificial or Human Intelligence Isn’t Enough

In an era driven by rapid advancements in AI and automation, the notion of Hybrid Intelligence emerges as a powerful concept. It recognizes that AI and Human Intelligence have significant limitations when used alone. However,...
How To Embrace AI In Your Strategies and Innovation webinar cover

How To Embrace AI In Your Strategies and Innovation

Join us we welcome Jasmine de Gaia, Head of Customer Data Strategy at Wells Fargo, for a Fireside Chat on navigating and embracing AI for strategic success. In this conversation, Jasmine will share: How AI...

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