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Pocket Tools for Product Professionals Infographic Cover

Pocket Tools for Product Professionals

We understand that as a product professional, you have a lot to keep in mind. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable PDF that includes four essential tools that you can keep in your pocket, ready...
Ode to the Positioning Document

Ode to the Positioning Document

The positioning document is an essential tool to help guide your product team in building and marketing the right product to the right audiences. They also help your entire organization harmonize and support your product...
Winn/Loss Program Infographic

7 Steps for Launching a Win-Loss Program

“Why did I lose?” It’s the first question a salesperson wants to ask a prospect after failing to win their business. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the prospect will answer the question candidly leaving your team with...
Defining the Difference Core Competence, Distinctive Competence and Competitive Advantage

Core Competency vs Distinctive Competency vs Competitive Advantage

The terms core competency, distinctive competency and competitive advantage are often used interchangeably (and incorrectly). To help, we’ve designed a quick cheat sheet to explain the differences and similarities for these important concepts.

Salary Trends by Region

We’ve recently published the 20th Annual Pragmatic Institute Survey, and the data that always captures the most attention is salary trends. Since pay scales can fluctuate based on geography, this year we’ve divided this information...
Cover of the 13 open-ended questions to ask during a market visit infographic by Pragmatic Insitute

13 Open-Ended Questions to Ask During a Market Visit

While there are many questions you could ask during a market visit, these 13 questions can be asked and answered in about 30 minutes.

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