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On Being a Pragmatic Marketing Instructor

Join Pragmatic Marketing instructors Mark Stiving, Stacey Weber and Paul Young as they share their experiences and discuss the career paths they followed that led them to become instructors. Find out what makes them passionate about teaching, and the jo…


Creating a Compelling Product Roadmap

Discover solutions to the top challenges of creating efficient product roadmaps from Jim Semick, co-founder of ProductPlan, a cloud-based roadmap software for product and marketing teams. Jim shares tips and techniques for communicating an effective prod…


Kill the Zombies

Do some customers still use an old product that you want to get rid of? Have you ever wondered how much money you’re losing by keeping that product around? Join Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving and VP of product management at CDK Global, Dave…


Empower Your Sales Team to Sell at Your Price

Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving interviews Reed Holden, the author of several pricing books and Pragmatic Marketer article, Make Salespeople the Champions of Your Pricing Strategy. Reed discusses how you can create a stra…


Pricing Power

To do pricing well, you have to create innovative products and understand how valuable those products are to others. Join Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving, along with pricing consultant and former CEO of Ardex, Stephan Lio…


Setting the Best Price for Your Product

Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving interviews former Adobe manager of business model strategy and pricing, Ward Dey. Learn how to identify and fix profit leaks by analyzing discount behavior and getting to know how much valu…


Art of Value

Pragmatic Marketing instructor and pricing expert, Mark Stiving interviews another pricing expert and founder of MightyData, Kirk Bowman. Learn how Kirk discovered the value of pricing, and how his pricing strategy led to dramatic growth in his own busi…


Using Measurement to Influence Decisions

It’s important to bring facts to the table to understand the
performance of your product and what’s happening in your market segment. In
this short segment, Pragmatic Marketing instructor Jon Gatrell shares the three
questions he always asks to effectiv…


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