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Product Marketing for Growth

(This podcast was captured during our recent webinar, Product Marketing for Growth: The Marketing Plan.)

For Product Marketers tired of being viewed by some as a "cost", the challenge is to take more responsibility for the commercial results of the company. This may require you to behave as asset managers making investment and return decisions. In other words, behave as Architects of Growth.

This webinar, featuring product marketing leaders:

• Jane Bailey, VP Product Marketing, GE
• Jenn Steele, CMO, Madison Logic
• Mike Berger, VP Product Marketing, Gainsight
• Sudeep Cherian, Head of Product Marketing, LinkedIn
• Rowan Noronha, Head of Product Marketing, Cognizant and Founder, PMC

focuses on the role of the product marketer and the necessary components of the marketing plan needed to identify and achieve growth.



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Pragmatic Framework Success

Do you struggle to find the right way to implement the Pragmatic Framework into your business?

Dave Daniels, vice president of customer success at Pragmatic Marketing, returns to Pragmatic Live to discuss his new role and ensuring students are able to successfully implement the Pragmatic Framework into their businesses. Dave discusses our new Pragmatic Labs, which help bring the Framework to life in your organization, as well as other tools we’re creating to enhance your Pragmatic education.

Would you like one of our experts to come to your organization and help you implement elements of the Pragmatic Framework? Contact our sales team for more details. Be sure to listen to our other great podcasts, and subscribe so you never miss another great episode.

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Segmentation, From All Sides

In this episode of Pragmatic Live, we revisit a great episode with Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of marketing, and Mark Stiving, pricing expert and Pragmatic Marketing instructor, as they discuss one of the most powerful and complex concepts facing product teams today: segmentation.

They examine exactly what segmentation is, as well as the challenges that arise when grouping people into a commonality when they act differently or we act on them differently.  Key concepts for making segmentation work, including recent examples from Subaru and REI, are also highlighted.

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Win/Loss Analysis: How You Should Be Doing It

You already know the importance of win/loss analysis, but do you really know how you should be doing it?

Rich Schroeder, president and founder of Anova Consulting Group, returns to Pragmatic Live to continue his discussion on win/loss analysis. Not only is it important to do win/loss analysis at your company, but it’s important that you do it right. Rich talks about the goals and pitfalls that can happen when win/loss analysis is and isn’t done correctly, and how to use the data to really benefit your organization.

Check out our previous podcast with Rich Schroder, Win/Loss Analysis: Why You Should Be Doing It for more great information. If you’re looking for great tools on how to do win/loss in your organization, make sure you take our Foundations and Focus courses, and check out our resource center. Be sure to listen to our other great podcasts, and subscribe so you never miss another great episode.

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Boeing’s Approach to Product Management

Did you know that global companies like Boeing have integrated the Pragmatic Marketing Framework into their product management structure?

Ahmed Abukhater, senior product management leadership, Boeing chief innovation office, joins Pragmatic Live to discuss how Boeing is using the Pragmatic Framework to better focus on the customers and the market. He and his team focus on the market and the customers to build and develop products that are market-validated using skills learned from Pragmatic Marketing courses like Foundations, Focus and Build. See how Boeing used Pragmatic Marketing to streamline and balance their roles and responsibilities for the ultimate outcomes.



Looking for more great tips on how to implement the Pragmatic Marketing Framework as Boeing did, make sure you take our Foundations, Focus and Build courses. Be sure to listen to our other great podcasts, and subscribe so you never miss another great episode.

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Throwback Thursday: Creating a Compelling Product Roadmap

Discover solutions to the top challenges of creating efficient product roadmaps from Jim Semick, co-founder of ProductPlan, a cloud-based roadmap software for product and marketing teams. Jim shares tips and techniques for communicating an effective product strategy through your roadmap and the best way to plan and prioritize product features. He also discusses how to create a simple roadmap that can be easily changed and widely communicated across your organization, including how to make a convincing case to your executive team about the importance of specific roadmap features.

Find out why it’s important to create strategic goals and then to align those goals with a compelling product roadmap in this episode of Pragmatic Live.

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