Using AI and Data Insights To Build Stronger Personas

Thursday October 26th, 2023
1:00 PM ET
David Tang

Product Leader

Pragmatic Institute Webinar with David Tang
What leads a customer to choose one product over another? A first impulse might be to think it’s price (and that might be true). But more often it’s experience. Something about the product they chose felt like it was made for them—it resonated.

Creating personalized customer experiences is crucial for business success. By leveraging AI and data insights, businesses can build better experiences that are tailored to their customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. But how do you uncover the quality attributes and patterns that can help you strategically deliver more personalized experiences that delight customers?

Join us for our next product chat on 10/26 @ 1 pm ET as we welcome product leader David Tang, formerly of Dropbox, for a conversation on how to leverage the power of AI and segmentation to help you create accurate personas and actionable customer segments by harnessing the powers of AI/ML capabilities.

In this conversation, David will share:

  • How to create valuable customer segments that leverage data and AI capabilities to build accurate personas
  • Where to best apply these segmentation capabilities to deliver better customer experiences
  • Tips for measuring and optimizing the effectiveness of your personalization efforts over time
  • Examples of companies that have successfully used AI-powered segmentation to build stronger personas

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