Pop-Up Expert Pricing Panel

Thursday November 30th, 2023
1:00 PM ET
An Exciting Line-Up Of Pricing VPs, Leaders and Experts

Pricing Experts

Join our panel of pricing experts for a pop-up conversation on November 30 at 1 pm ET!

These product pricing leaders will be with us to offer insights into the latest pricing trends, strategies, and best practices that drive business growth. We’ll cover key topics like value-based pricing, competitor analysis, managing price perception, analytics-driven tactics, and aligning pricing to customer willingness to pay.

The best part? You’ll have access to these pricing leaders to share your questions to better understand the art of pricing, how to capture value within your pricing efforts, way to monitor competitor pricing shifts and beyond.

This session is dedicated to answering attendee questions, providing actionable strategies to improve monetization and how to think smarter within your pricing management endeavors no matter the industry.

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