How Market Visits Can Elevate Your Product Roadmaps

Thursday November 18th, 2021
1:00 PM ET
Ted Best, SVP of Product at Offerpad

How can you maximize the ability to have your new product or features effectively solve real-world customer problems and convince business stakeholders and C-level execs to support your roadmaps? It all starts with deeply understanding your customers’ jobs, workflows and pain points. By leveraging a combination of customer visits, interviews and research you can find pervasive customer problems that spur innovation, validate roadmaps and solidify stakeholder support for your product initiatives.

Join us November 18 at 1 PM ET as we welcome Ted Best, SVP of Product at Offerpad, to see how he was able to leverage multiple strategies to find unmet customer needs and build an impactful roadmap that drives both revenue growth and customer delight. Ted will share how customer visits and other customer discovery techniques can be used to deeply understand customer needs to drive innovation, growth and most importantly, elevate your product roadmaps.

In this webinar, Ted will cover:

  • The secrets of effective roadmapping
  • Leveraging customer visits to find unmet needs and prove/disprove key product and feature assumptions
  • How to apply in-context interviewing to data to drive design thinking
  • Other customer discovery techniques to capture direct customer feedback
  • Using customer data to convince key stakeholders to support your roadmap



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