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The New Era Of Product Marketing and The Way Forward

There are less than half the number of product marketing professionals in the world than there are product managers, but the role of product marketing continues to evolve. It’s becoming more strategic and settling into a bigger seat at the table. Today’s product marketers are sizing markets, identifying the problems to solve, evaluating competitive landscapes and shaping distinctive competencies.

This issue of The Pragmatic takes a closer look at product marketing and growing influence and impact at almost every stage of the product lifecycle. And we’ve got some other great features to help all product professionals in their career path, so take a look and enjoy the read.


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Volume 1 Issue 4

Buyer and User Personas, Think You Know How to Meed Customer Needs? You May Need to Think Again, Debugging the User Code: The Business Case for User Oriented Product Development, Keeping Close to Customers, No One to Blame: The Perfect Crime.
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Volume 1 Issue 3

How to Make Less of a Mess in Software Product Management, Why Are We Winning and Why Are We Losing?, Change Now, Change Later, How to Conduct a Successful Webinar.
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Volume 1 Issue 2

How to Interview Your Customers, There's a Reason No One is Listening, Role of Product Management, The Product Manager Triad, I Am Customer, Hear Me Roar, Building Tomorrow's Products Requires Listening to the Market.
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Volume 1 Issue 1

Annual Product Management Roles & Salary Survey Results, Ten Marketing Challenges that Can Make or Break Your Business.
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