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Throughout our lives, our wants and needs change. For example, as adults we don't require the same things that we did when we were teenagers or toddlers. Our needs shift, our tastes evolve, the world changes and, most important, the problems we face are different. The same thing is true for our products.

Different stages of a product's life cycle require different investments and different focuses. Many of the articles in this quarter's issue of The Pragmatic address the different stages of the life cycle, all while recognizing that every company's evolution will be different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.


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Previous Magazines

Volume 3 Issue 3

End of Life: Retiring a Product, A Model for Metrics-Driven Feature Prioritization, Building Demos that Drive Sales, Exploiting the Full Potential of After-Sales Market.

Volume 3 Issue 2

Faster! Gaining Product Momentum, The Exceptional Product Manager: What is the "Right Stuff"?, Who Needs Product Management?, Due Diligence for New Product Ideas, Seven Things You Can Do to Improve Your Credibility on the Web.

Volume 3 Issue 1

2004 Annual Product Management Salary Survey, Clean, Cutting-Edge UI Design Cuts McAfee's Support Calls by 90%, Product Managers and Marketers: Who Does What?, Migrating from a Product Manager to an Entrepreneur.

Volume 2 Issue 5

Remote Demos: Choosing the Approach That's Right for Your Business, Getting Management to Buy-In on Positioning, Tips & Tools: How to Run Customer Focus Groups Successfully, Two to Tango: The Art of Crafting, Building, and Maintaining Business Partnerships, The Role of Sales Engineer in Technical Sales.
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Volume 2 Issue 4

Rethinking the Way You Do Business, Navigating Pathways to the Future: Product Roadmaps Lead Their Readers in Multiple Directions, Software Product Management: If You Can't Define It, You're Doing a Bad Job of It, Knowledge Transfer: Start It Out Right, Put Your Money Where the Value Us, A Look at Clarity in Positioning.

Volume 2 Issue 3

Measuring Marketing, Multiple Products, Multiple Product Managers, Competitive Information and Sales Guides: What Sales Forces Need to Win, Ten Things a Product Managers Should Know About Sales, Using Force Field Analysis to Listen to Customers, How to Make Selling Complex Solutions Simple.
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Volume 2 Issue 2

Whose Problems Are We Going to Solve?, A Market Intelligence Primer, Win/Loss Analysis Checklist for Product Managers, Product Management and RFPs, Who's Driving Your Company?, Collateral is No Way to Support the Sales Force, Product Roadmaps, Link Up & Learn: Conversation- Five Industry Gurus about Product Management Associations.
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Volume 2 Issue 1

Annual Product Management Roles & Salary Survey 2003, Monitoring Metrics Puts You In the Drivers Seat, High Impact Product Management: Creating and Measuring Product Management Success, Debugging the User Code: Part 2, Integrating Users in Product Development, Technical Sales vs. Marketing.
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Volume 1 Issue 4

Buyer and User Personas, Think You Know How to Meed Customer Needs? You May Need to Think Again, Debugging the User Code: The Business Case for User Oriented Product Development, Keeping Close to Customers, No One to Blame: The Perfect Crime.
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