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Throughout our lives, our wants and needs change. For example, as adults we don't require the same things that we did when we were teenagers or toddlers. Our needs shift, our tastes evolve, the world changes and, most important, the problems we face are different. The same thing is true for our products.

Different stages of a product's life cycle require different investments and different focuses. Many of the articles in this quarter's issue of The Pragmatic address the different stages of the life cycle, all while recognizing that every company's evolution will be different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.


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The Higher They Go, The Stupider They Get, Don't Confuse Sales Support with Marketing: A Case for Buyer Persona Profiling, Product Management: For Adults Only, Product Strategy Doesn't Just Happen, You Want to Start a Company. Where Do You Begin?, The Egoless Company.

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