Pragmatic Fall 2017

The Soft Skills Issue

It pays to be soft. Product professionals who excel are the ones who have mastered soft skills—like empathy, listening and delivering truth—in addition to the requisite hard skills. These skills enable you to exert influence greater than your title and authority alone might provide, and help maximize your product and career success. Learn more about these soft skills in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer.



8 Soft Skills You Need to Succeed

Advance your career and evolve from a data guru into a people guru when you master these eight soft skills.

Talking to HiPPOs: Easing Tough Conversations with Usage Analytics

Discover how to ease difficult conversations by supporting your case with data.

Go Soft: How to Get Ahead in Product Management
Learn how Johnathan Lucky used a combination of soft skills to advance his career and deliver products that users love.
The Myth of the Impersonal Buyer
Find out how the personal value buyers perceive in a B2B product impacts the decision process of today’s buyers far more than many marketers have assumed.

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