Pragmatic Summer 2019

The Secrets Issue

We all keep secrets for a variety of reasons; some are harmless while others are morally questionable. In this issue of The Pragmatic, we explore secrets of product management and product marketing to showcase the aspects of our profession that you might not otherwise know.From understanding how to keep a secret as a form of counterintelligence to learning how to increase your strategic thinking, this issue is designed to shed light on a variety of topics that will help you tackle your day-to-day job as well as give you food for thought for your future. Read Now


Data and Products
Unveiling the Relationship
Between Successful Products and Data

Insights-driven companies use data to build better products—and gain a competitive edge.


Cognitive Bias
Keeping Your Secrets: Responsible Counterintelligence in Action

Responsible gatekeeping of your company’s proprietary information starts with you.

Legal Guardrails
'Nevertheless, She Persisted': Secrets of Successful Women
In a field still largely dominated by men, success for women means navigating preconceptions.
Behind the Numbers: Who Today's Product Professionals Are
Find out how product professionals describe themselves and the skills that help them be successful.

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