The Communication Issue

The inaugural issue of Pragmatic Marketer provides 40 pages of thought-provoking content to help you communicate with nearly everyone that you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis--from CEOs to customers to sales guys.

Each issue is dedicated to providing you actionable information, reliable expertise and tips and tools that will help you thrive and advance in your careers. We hope you enjoy it.



Winter 2017
20 Ways to Improve Customer
How many times have you built a product, only to find out that nobody was interested in the features you painstakingly included? Even when you asked your customers what they wanted beforehand? Ultimately, it's not just about...

Confessions of a Sales Guy
Have you ever wondered (or complained) about salespeople? Of course, you have. And at a ProductCamp recently, I was asked to address this dynamic. I started by asking the group of product managers, “What is the biggest frustration you have with sales?”
Communication by the Numbers
My friend, a marketing specialist, once told me how she really feels about accounting and finance people: “When I listen to you guys talk, it’s like you speak in some secret language. I don’t understand any of it.” To some extent, she's right.
View from the Top
When I was running a public company, a salesperson told me how another software firm had implemented his solution and, as a result, improved productivity. It was a pretty standard presentation about saving time and money, so...

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