Power Up: Product Teams Unite!

It's time to come together. There is an inherent tension between product management and development: Product management wants to deliver as many features as possible; development needs to have realistic expectations. This issue of Pragmatic Marketer is focused on how the two can power up to deliver great products for the most important constituents of all: their customers.



Winter 2017
Product Management Versus
Development: One Bag and a Carry On
You're not communicating if you're marketing to someone you don’t know. And in today’s marketing world, it’s easy to get caught up in tactics, things like content generation, social media...

The Two C's of Agile
Customer advisory boards (CABS) are one of the most effective methods for delving into the minds of your customers to gather insight and feedback into your current and planned offerings.
You can formally engage and solicit input from existing...
Why Marketing Should Go Agile
Marketing has changed more in the last five to seven years than at any other time during my career. The pace of change has quickened, there is more direct pressure for marketing to demonstrate its contribution to the bottom line, many...
7 Tips For Highly Successful Requirements Management
Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with product and development professionals from around the globe. All have been highly motivated to succeed— and to have their company...

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