Global Strategy

Prepare to conquer the world. The winter issue of Pragmatic Marketer features actionable best practices for bringing your products to international markets.



Winter 2017
Breaking Through Boundaries
Developing products from concept through to launch and international market adoption can be among our most rewarding achievements. But while commercializing, marketing and supporting technology products in multiple regions...

Another Day, Another Dollar (or Euro)
You’ve done the hard work of creating a great product.
You even analyzed your customers’ willingness to pay. After much research and debate, you’ve determined the best pricing strategy and have chosen a price. That’s hard enough to get right...
Not Lost in Translation
Scaling your software to be user friendly for a global
audience is a big deal. If you’ve got a website, you have to consider translating your content and localization. And if you sell from that site, you have to think about currency...
From Shore to Shore
Corporations often build offshore development teams as either an extension of their domestic teams or to serve as core groups. This means that product management teams often have to overcome a unique set of problems to communicate...

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