Rise above the competition. Discover the best ways to study your competition, and learn how to react to problems and capitalize on the opportunities that competitive shifts create in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer.



Winter 2017
Competitive Intelligence-Gathering Through Win/Loss
Win/loss interviews are an excellent tool for gathering competitive intelligence. The interviews offer a unique opportunity to gather fresh data from a target audience where competitors play a distinct role in the...

A Competition-Minded Roadmap
Imagine this scenario: you're responsible for the vision and execution of product development at your company. You’ve presented your product roadmap and received buy-in
from the CEO and executive team...

Going Beyond Google
Competitive intelligence is about getting answers to the important questions: How quickly is our competitor’s revenue growing? What’s the rate of adoption for its new product? What are its B2B prices? Do they discount to get a sale?
Delivering Differentiated Customer Value
Football teams succeed when they call the right play and all 11 players execute their role to the best of their ability. Even if a team has the most talented group of individuals, if everyone does what they think is best, rather than following the play...

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