Fall 2013

The Anniversary Issue

20 Years of Pragmatic Perspectives. Since 1993, Pragmatic Institute has been privy to some interesting perspectives from our alumni and instructors. We are sharing some of those insights in the fall issue of Pragmatic Marketer. With topics including metrics, roadmapping, social media, working with analysts, market visits, big data and kanban, the issue holds something for everyone.



Business Without Blind Spots
Product professionals typically don't spend enough time analyzing metrics. They're focused on an overwhelming amount of tactical activities, plus the numbers can sometimes be hard to obtain...

Does Marketing Matter?
Pragmatic Institute course I was teaching, when a senior director's question sucked the oxygen out of the room: "How do I know that anything would change if I eliminated the marketing organization?...
Get to the Data
The dangers of listening to opinions are that people often tell you what they think you want to hear and frame what they say around how they do something, as opposed to why...
20 Years of Pragmatic Institute
Walk through the history of Pragmatic Institute. From our very first student to the 100,000th one, this fun infographic reveals some of the quirkiest moments in our past...

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