The Pricing Issue

Pricing, more or less: Take the guesswork out of your product pricing by exploring all things price related in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer.



Winter 2017
How to Price SaaS Products
It’s essential to have a deep understanding of the value
your product provides for your buyers and users. This value should be the primary consideration for your price and pricing model—not features, not what competitors charge...

How to Gain Support for Your Pricing Recommendations
You have been asked to evaluate and recommend changes to a pricing strategy that has been in place for almost two
years. Several people in the business believe that it isn’t...
Pricing and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Competitive pricing is a complex topic that’s important to most businesses. Do you want to cooperate or compete? One of the best illustrations of this dynamic—the prisoner’s dilemma—originated in game theory and will help you understand...
Make Salespeople the Champions of Your Pricing Strategy
Ten minutes into a pricing Training session, a senior salesperson asked, “How is anything you teach us going to make us more money? We are compensated on revenue.” It was a great...

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