The Innovation Issue

Stop innovating for innovation's sake. The summer issue of Pragmatic Marketer shares tips, best practices and real-life examples to help you innovate the right way.



Winter 2017
The Optimal Way to Innovate
Innovation is a hot topic on the national agenda. President
Barack Obama has a Strategy for American Innovation, companies hire chief innovation officers, universities promote innovation programs and books on innovation are...

Is It Innovative or Another Bad Idea?
Imagine the following situation: You are meeting with a client or several stakeholders within your own business, proposing new product features that you believe are truly innovative. You worked hard preparing for the presentation, combining...
People + Process = Performance
The research is clear. Organizational culture is the dominant driver of creativity and innovation—regardless of research-and-development (R&D) spending. Global Innovation 1000, the annual study by Booz & Company, shows that...
Innovation by Design
The movie Design & Thinking poses this scenario: Say someone hired you to build a bridge. Think of the types of questions you’d have to answer to do your job. What kind of bridge would it be? A suspension bridge, drawbridge or covered bridge? 

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