Pragmatic Marketer Winter 2018

The Global Issue

Prepare for global growth. Product professionals face a myriad of complexities when introducing products into new markets. To be successful, It’s important to take into account the unique needs and perspectives of each market. That’s where we can help. Read about the successes and failures, tips for entering the Chinese market, and more in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer


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Why China Matters More than Ever

Six lessons from expanding into China that you can apply to your global expansion efforts.

Planning a Launch: Communicate Globally, Execute Locally

Learn how to improve the odds of success by expanding your company’s footprint into new markets one at a time.

Go Global: Building an Effective Team Across Multiple Locations
How Travelport has found success managing a product team that spans multiple regions and time zone.
Global Expansion: Embrace the Differences
Discover how appreciating the unique qualities and nuances of each market, and working to embrace them, can help your company achieve global success.

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