The Beauty of Design UX

Design matters: Design involves much more than a product's look and feel; it drives the power of the user experience and helps customers solve problems in ways they never imagined were possible. Explore the power and beauty of UX in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer. 



Winter 2017
UX: A Critical Part of Your Product Team
It can be difficult for your software company to stand out with a growing number of competitors in an industry that seems to accelerate with each new technology wave. The good news is that a product’s user experience (UX) is one key differentiator...

Reduce the Risk of Product Failure
Usability testing includes a range of techniques that reveal how well your product performs from a very important perspective: your customers’. At its core, usability testing is an opportunity to observe target customers using your product to... 
Improve UX with In-App Guides
How do you effectively announce new features
and teach people to use your software in a world of diminishing attention spans, unread emails and fewer manuals? It’s challenging work to deliver compelling user experiences...
Experience Design: Beyond the Pixels
User experience (UX) design has become a strategic and competitive imperative for any modern product development effort. Fueled by iconic examples from companies such as Apple, product leaders are under increasing pressure to leverage...

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