Metrics: Separating Fact From Fantasy

Separate fact from fantasy. Learn how to sift through a mountain of collected data to discover the metrics that are meaningful to your business in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer.



Winter 2017
5 Smarketing Metrics to Embrace and 5 to Ignore
The first quarter of the new year is always fun. Marketers emerge from the budget cycle wasteland to implement their plan for the next 12 months. It’s an important time to have your proverbial ducks in a row. To do that, you need to gather data.

Better Metrics for New Products
With so many new analytics tools available, it’s common
to have a firehose of data and metrics available soon
after your product launches. But the real challenge is
determining which few metrics to focus on, and the sooner...
How to Improve Your Demand-Generation Process
Demand generation—from strategy creation to marketing program management—is a primary responsibility of product marketing. So how can you improve the demand-generation process to help sell even more products?
15 Product Management Metrics You Should Know
The world is more data-driven than ever. And although data has an impact on most jobs, it is amplified for product teams, especially at SaaS companies. Product professionals there have never been more challenged, or rewarded, if they get...

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