Winter 2017

The Leadership Issue

What makes a good leader? It isn't about being the most liked or the most feared. The best leaders inspire their team members to reach new heights and exceed their own expectations. Whether you are new to the workforce or lead a large team, this issue is full of great tips and best practices to help motivate you and your team.



Rethinking Leadership: 7 Critical Skills Leaders Need in a World of Change
Take a few moments and make a list of everything that jumps to mind about the behaviors of e ective leaders. Think back to training programs you’ve attended, books you’ve read or the nearly in nite number of articles you’ve encountered...

Fostering Innovation in a Fast-Paced World
Consider this: 50 years ago, the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 rm was approximately 75 years. Today, it’s less than 15 years and continues to decline. Eighty- eight percent of the original companies listed have either gone bankrupt, merged or...
The FIRE Method
In December 2010, at a tiny research facility in freezing-cold Rome, New York, U.S. Air Force scientists cut the ribbon on a supercomputer named the Condor Cluster. Operating at 500 TFLOPS—trillion oating- point operations per second...
What Basketball Taught me About Business
I’ve got a confession to make. As a kid, I was an awful athlete, especially when it came to team sports. While I took a few stabs at soccer and baseball, I just couldn’t manage to overcome my introverted nature and awkward growth spurts.

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