Death By Plan

Banish that creeping sense of doom. Whether we develop launch plans or business plans, product plans or go-to-market plans, we've all watched a project fall apart. Luckily, this issue of Pragmatic Marketer provides practical tools and tips to help you avoid common plan pitfalls and project killers.



Winter 2017
Creating Strategic Product Plans
An effective product plan is designed to ensure that a new product delivers business value to a specific set of
customers and meets certain financial goals. It describes the market opportunity, profiles target customers, specifies...

Analyze This
Your business plan is your path forward. But to create a comprehensive business plan, you first must understand your business and the way your products fit into that business. Simply put, if you don’t know how operations, sales or any other...
9 Scrum Metrics to Keep Your Team on Track
One of our clients recently concluded a win-loss 
program. Because the sales team wasn’t fully on board with the idea, the team readily submitted wins for review but declined to share losses. They held the most basic and prevalent sales...
HubSpot's Formula for Product Launch Success
It's not so much about how much it costs, it’s about how it costs,” says Eddie, a CIO for a medium-sized IT group. Eddie has a large corner office with bay windows overlooking the campus. Every surface of his office—the desk, credenza, even...

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