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Pragmatic Institute's Refine Ebook Cover

Refine: Revise Your Data Projects for Maximum ROI

To deliver results, data practitioners must ensure a project is set up for success before committing the time, labor and resources required for analysis. Learn the importance of refining your data project early and having difficult conversations with project stakeholders based on the data available.
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Prepare: Avoid Common Pitfalls by Analyzing the Right Data Ebook Cover Image

Prepare: Avoid Common Pitfalls by Analyzing the Right Data

On average, as a data practitioner, you spend 80% of the time preparing and cleaning the data for analysis. However, without data preparation, any subsequent data analysis will be flawed. Preparing and identifying the opportunities...

Demystifying Data Projects

While data science is a competitive advantage, data isn’t magic. Working closely with your data partners to develop questions is where the magic happens. In this ebook, learn how to connect the question you’re asking to the analysis required to ensure the findings will have real business impact.
Define Ebook Cover Image

Define: Laying the Foundation for Successful Data Analysis

What’s the difference between a successful data analysis project and one that falls flat? Before you begin working with the data, you need to understand what you’re solving for. Gathering context and aligning around goals...
Cover Image of Pragmatic Institute Data Team Members Glossary

Data Team Members Glossary

What is the difference between a data engineer and a data architect? What are the responsibilities of a data analyst vs. data scientist? What languages does a database administrator need to know?  And how does...

Pragmatic Institute Data Science Glossary

What is a data custodian? How about a data engineer? From HiPPO to Python, data wrangling to deep learning, our Data Science Glossary defines the industry terms you should know, no matter your role in...

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