September 2005

By Pragmatic Institute April 27, 2007

The Fundamentals of Revenue Forecasting

It is nearly impossible to predict annual revenues precisely, particularly for new products or businesses, but it is critically important for companies to create high-quality revenue budgets. To maximize the odds of being in the right ballpark relative to actual results, stick to a few key fundamentals.

Executives, managers and financial analysts throughout the country will soon turn their attention to the critical but extremely challenging process to develop revenue budgets for the 2006 fiscal year. Managers with revenue responsibility will spend weeks (and in some cases months) assessing market conditions, conducting analyses and negotiating with peers and superiors to set revenue expectations for next year. Executives will push their managers to set aggressive targets; managers will lobby executives for more achievable targets and greater resources; and sales teams will advocate targets that offer the best opportunity for maximum compensation.

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Are you Pragmatic Institute Certified?

Becoming certified is an investment in one’s career. It may open new career or business opportunities that were previously unavailable as one demonstrates a commitment to the profession. In addition, certifying employees allows companies to differentiate candidates in the hiring cycle, and supports better consistency in internal processes and application of the product management discipline.

In response to growing demand, Pragmatic Institute has developed the Pragmatic Institute Certified (PMC) certification program. The program’s curriculum is based on Pragmatic Institute’s popular product management seminars and own industry expertise.

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Software 500 Marketing Perspectives Conference & Expo

Increase your knowledge about high-tech product management and product marketing disciplines. Attend the Pragmatic Institute-sponsored Software 500 Marketing Perspectives Conference & Expo on October 11-12, 2005, in Cambridge, MA at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge.

This event brings together software and service company executives to discuss new business models for delivering software products and services, plus strategic directions in product management, market management, marketing communications and public relations. There is also a wide variety of integrated marketing sponsorship and exhibit opportunities available.

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