Product Roadmaps in Highly Iterative Environments

By Mike Smart March 18, 2015

What’s the role of product roadmaps in a product development landscape where iterative development techniques, including scrum and agile, are rapidly becoming the norm?

Find out in this month's Pragmatic Institute webinar where we'll explored:

  • Common techniques for succeeding at short- and long-range product planning
  • Planning techniques to gain alignment between the development team and other employees
  • How to best utilize roadmaps with cloud or SaaS solutions 

Hear Mike Smart, founder and consultant of Egress Solutions, and Scott Sehlhorst, a product management and strategy consultant at Tyner Blain LLC.

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    Mike Smart

    About the Presenters

    Mike Smart is founder and managing principal of Egress Solutions Inc.Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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