Creating White Papers that Drive Sales

By Gwyn Finnell August 10, 2007

Execute Well

Even with a sales-driven plan a white paper is doomed to failure if your writer lacks the exceptional writing skills technical savvy and marketing experience that these documents require as well as the ability to select and synthesize meaningful information from a variety of sources Thats why many companies often hire short-term contractors who specialize in white paper development A dedicated professional--particularly one who understands complex solution selling processes--can devote full-time resources to your project so that its completed quickly and efficiently as well as offer fresh insights and experience to ensure the success of your white paper

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Gwyn Finnell

Gwyn Finnell

Gwyn Finnell ( is a senior marketing consultant for Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc., a business and technology writing company specializing in strategic sales guides, white papers, and collateral. Hoffman writers offer a unique combination of technical savvy, marketing skills, and writing talent to translate the most complex technologies into accessible prose that bolsters your sales and marketing efforts. For more information, visit 

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