December 2005

By Pragmatic Institute April 27, 2007

Product Management Roles & Salary
Industry Compensation Benchmark
Results for 2005

Each year Pragmatic Institute conducts a survey of product managers, marketing managers, and other marketing professionals. Our objective is to provide Pragmatic Institute clients with industry information about compensation as well as the most common responsibilities for product managers and other marketing professionals. 

The survey received almost 500 responses from technology marketing professionals.

Profile of a product manager

The average Product Manager is 36 years old; 
87% claim to be "somewhat" or "very" technical;
90% have completed college and 46% have completed a masters program; 
33% are female, 66% are male.

The typical product manager has responsibility for three products.

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Becoming certified is an investment in one’s career. It may open new career or business opportunities that were previously unavailable as one demonstrates a commitment to the profession. In addition, certifying employees allows companies to differentiate candidates in the hiring cycle, and supports better consistency in internal processes and application of the product management discipline.

In response to growing demand, Pragmatic Institute has developed the Pragmatic Institute Certified (PMC) certification program. The program’s curriculum is based on Pragmatic Institute’s popular product management seminars and own industry expertise.

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