Creating and Managing a Successful Customer Advisory Board Program

By Gavin Nathan April 12, 2016

A customer advisory board (CAB) is the ideal method for validating corporate strategies, gathering input to product development, and deepening relationships with key customers. But to be effective, a CAB program must be properly established, resourced and managed, or the initiative can do more harm than good.

Join this insightful and educational webinar to learn the essential elements of creating and managing a world class CAB program, including:
  • Key challenges in designing and running a CAB
  • Effectively targeting, recruiting and onboarding members
  • Building mutually beneficial meeting content
  • Running effective in-person and remote meetings
  • Turning meeting insights into action
  • Sustaining board momentum between meetings
  • Managing multiple CAB initiatives
  • Measuring program ROI

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Gavin Nathan

Gavin Nathan

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