August 2006

By Pragmatic Institute March 28, 2011

Where do product managers spend their time?

It appears that product managers are spending more of their time supporting development and less time supporting sales. More than 50% of product managers say they are writing detailed specifications while fewer than 50% say they are going on sales calls. Interestingly, more product managers say that are monitoring development projects than say they are writing requirements. That seems to be saying that we're doing more project management than product definition. Or "I don't care what we get but I care when we get it." Read the full article...

Pragmatic Institute and Ryma Technology Solutions sign a strategic alliance

As we look toward an exciting future for all in product management, we are pleased to announce an initiative that will combine our industry-leading expertise with Ryma's FeaturePlan™ software to deliver an integrated software, process and service solution to product managers. See our news release for more information.

Webinars for Product Managers and Marketers

We are pleased to co-sponsor an ongoing series of webinars with Ryma Technology Solutions, the maker of FeaturePlan, on a range of topics of interest to Product Managers and Marketers. These events are conducted at noon (Eastern Time) on Wednesdays. Check out our upcoming and archived events including sessions by Steve Johnson, Barb Nelson, John Milburn, Adele Revella, and David Meerman Scott. Read more....

SoftSummit 2006

Are you optimizing change in your organization or merely managing it?

Attend SoftSummit 2006 to discover "New Strategies: The Power to Optimize Change" and find answers to the questions facing software companies every day.Should I transition to a subscription model? Who is actually doing utility computing? Is it working? Which license models are gaining adoption? What's a reasonable maintenance fee? When should my company move to product activation? How are enterprises optimizing their license utilization? How are IT teams packaging software for successful deployment? And most importantly, where is the industry heading?

Learn more about SoftSummit.

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