2000 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey

By Pragmatic Institute December 31, 2008

Each year Pragmatic Institute conducts a survey of product managers and marketing professionals. Our objective is to provide you with information about compensation as well as the most common responsibilities for product managers and other marketing professionals.

In November 2000, Pragmatic Institute invited over 2000 participants to take a Marketing Roles And Salaries survey. The survey was conducted during the period November 27 through December 08, 2000. 645 of those contacted responded. The survey consisted of 30 questions about titles, salary, bonus, education, and company profiles (see Appendix 1). Our objective was to provide Pragmatic Institute clients with industry information about compensation as well as the most common responsibilities for product managers and other marketing professionals.

Survey Profiles

Of the 645 surveys taken, 455 of the respondents work in a Product Management role (reporting the titles of Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Technical Product Manager and Program Manager)

61% male, 39% female

95% from the US; 25% were from the West Coast

60% from public companies

Company Size (number of Employees)

  • 41% over 1000 employees
  • 14% between 501 and 1000
  • 30% between 101 and 500
  • 13% less than 101 employees

Company Size (Annual Revenue)

  • 10% had revenues of US$1 to 10 million
  • 30% from US$10 to 100 million
  • 25% from US$100 to 500 million
  • 23% larger than US$500 million

Product management compensation

  • Overall average: $81,000 base salary with $9,000 in annual bonuses
  • Women average lower compensation at $76,000 base plus $7,000 in bonus
  • 90% of product managers have a bonus program (up from 81% in 1999)
  • 70% of product managers have stock or stock options (up from 63% in 1999)

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