Why Product-Design Collaboration Is Your Best Tool

Thursday March 23rd, 2023
1:00 PM ET
Teresa Brazen and Cindy Cruzado

Instructors For The Design and Product Verticals

For product managers and designers, collaboration is a powerful tool. By understanding each other’s mindsets and methodologies, you can work together in harmony throughout the product development lifecycle.

The result of better alignment? Solutions that satisfy and delight users, address market problems, and achieve business objectives.

So, how can you leverage complementary skill sets and enhance alignment to catalyze product success? Join Pragmatic Institute product vertical instructor Cindy Cruzado and design vertical instructor Teresa Brazen on March 23 from 1-2pm EST. Cindy and Teresa will bring their 40 years of combined experience to a conversation on building bridges between product and design teams to create intuitive, innovative products.

In this webinar, they’ll discuss:

•First steps to supercharging product and design collaboration
•How combining market and user insights leads to better products
•Navigating the conflict between desirability, viability and feasibility
•Aligning product management and design approaches to product development
•Key questions you can bring back to the sandbox

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