The Art Of Pricing: What Most Companies Get Wrong and How to Do it Right

Thursday April 28th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Jan Pasternak, Head of Pricing at Zoom  

Pricing has long been coveted as that mysterious aspect of product that few understand and leaves others with more questions than answers. So what kinds of strategies and tactics should you utilize? What are the approaches and techniques to lean on and how can you best go about conveying value to your customers?

Here’s a little secret, most companies are actually getting it wrong.

Join us Thursday, April 28 at 1pm ET as we welcome Jan Pasternak, Head of Pricing at Zoom for a conversation on how to turn pricing into a strategic weapon that drives business forward. Jan will share his thoughts on the importance of creating a pricing strategy, how to align them with company goals and how to build pricing and monetization organizations from scratch with the use of data-driven methods.

In this conversation Jan will share: 

  • When is the right time to set up a dedicated pricing team during your company’s growth stage 
  • How to use data and vision-driven strategies for monetization
  • How to structure the charter and how to ensure you are hiring the right team members and strategists 
  • Best pricing practices and what to avoid


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