Fireside Chat: Understanding Use Cases, Creating Killer UX Approaches and Developing Innovative Strategies That Span Globally

Thursday May 26th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Mamuna Oladipo

VP of Product at Shopify


With over a decade in product, Mamuna is a proven powerhouse of knowledge, innovation and product strategy, leading one of the largest global brands in existence. Whether it’s dissecting use cases, extracting data to build meaningful UX approaches or finding innovative ways for retention & monetization, Mamuna has built successful products and teams across every stage of the product lifecycle.

And she’s with us to share some tricks of the trade.

Bring your questions and curiosity and join us for a fireside chat 5/26 @ 1 pm ET as we are joined by Mamuna Oladipo, VP of Product at Shopify for a Q&A conversation surrounding how to understand your customers and their use cases so that you can develop stellar UX approaches that span the globe.

In this conversation Mamuna will share thoughts on questions that offer insights into:
-How to delve into your users to understand patterns and find opportunities

-Where to generate innovative and bold UX ideas that resonate globally

-How to measure user efforts and key data points and KPI’s to pay attention to

-Ways to optimize UX experiences that increase both adoption and retention

-And more!

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