How To Measure Success Through Every Stage Of The Product Lifecycle

Thursday October 20th, 2022
1:00 PM ET
Anand Arivukkarasu

Product Leader (fmr FB)

Product measurement is often seen as one of the most fascinating yet intimidating aspects of the product discipline. While analytics and metrics are crucial to developing strategies, gleaning insights, and creating initiatives, it’s often hard to decipher which ones to pay specific attention to.

And what about when it comes to the entire lifecycle of a product? How can you utilize key metrics and measurement insights to ensure you are on track throughout every part of the product journey?

Join us for our next product chat on 10/20 @ 1 pm ET as we welcome Anand Arivukkarasu, Product Leader (formerly of FB) for a conversation on how you can use measurement to ensure success throughout every stage of the product lifecycle.

In this conversation, Anand will share:

-Key KPIs and metrics you should be paying attention to through the development, GTM, growth and product end-of-life phases

-Ways to apply measurement to employ strategies and align stakeholders

-How to utilize metrics to gain buy-in for current and future initiatives

-How to decipher insights between the metrics to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve

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