“Ask Me Anything” Design Crossover with Instructors Amy Graham and Teresa Brazen

Wednesday February 8th, 2023
1:30 PM ET
Instructors Amy Graham and Teresa Brazen

“Ask Me Anything” Design Crossover with Instructors Amy Graham and Teresa Brazen

What is it?
An AMA designed to answer questions and queries from those who have taken or plan to take the Product Design or Business Strategy & Design Courses.

Who is it for?
PMMs, PMs, UX designers, and anyone looking to better collaborate with designers, this call is for you. Join us for a conversation and questions surrounding the best ways to partner with designers and how our courses can help you find ways to create human-centered approaches and products that the market will embrace.

Why attend?
Join us to exchange thoughts on:

  • How Pragmatic defines design and how our design courses go about improving collaboration and in-depth understanding.
  • Ways our design courses can help you to increase strategic impact.
  • Which design course may be best for your specific needs and goals.
  • And other questions!


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