Anatomy and Evaluation of a Successful Launch

Thursday February 23rd, 2023
3:00 PM ET
Trishna Sharma, Product Manager at Meta

Pragmatic Institute Webinar: Anatomy and Evaluation of a Successful Launch with Trishna Sharma

When it comes to the planning, execution and effectiveness of a launch, understanding the key components and their function within teams and processes is essential. Each phase of a launch brings its own very specific challenges and being able to execute and navigate while remaining on track can be challenging. So how can you best identify the key elements of a launch and utilize evaluation to ensure you’re building upon each launch successfully.

Join us Thursday, February 23rd at 3 pm ET as we welcome Trishna Sharma, Product Manager of Meta for a conversation on how to look at the key components of a successful product launch and evaluation techniques you can utilize to ensure you are driving powerful outcomes.

In this conversation Trishna will share:

*The key components of what drives a successful launch according to a PM
*How to plan and execute launch strategies that remain streamlined and on track
*Metrics and Data Insights you can look to, to measure success and efficiency
*How to conduct evaluation techniques post-launch to ensure you are consistently improving

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